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Car Bumper repair

Quick cheap car bumper repairBumper-Fender-removal-Mandurah

Small scratches or larger ones are an annoying damage to your bumper. Mandurah Car Removal can get your bumper repaired for an affordable price. Our touch up of your bumper will match the original colour, which means your bumper will look brand new. For quick and affordable car bumper repair come to Mandurah car removal.

Fender repair

With the repair of a fender the actual work depends completely on the damage that has been done to it. However, at Mandurah Car Removal we have the experience that we can repair most fender damages within  two days and at an affordable price, starting at $500. Give Max a call to get an idea of the costs.


Car bumper or fender repair cost

You are already paying enough for your car insurance. Why should you pay an excess if it is not necessary. We can do your car bumper repair or fender repair within 2 days and in general will charge you less than your excess.


Get free bumper or fender repair advice

Cheap and quick bumper & fender repair | Mandurah Car Removal

Give Max a call to discuss your bumper damage with him and to get a free quote for a quick and cheap repair of scratches, dents or other damage to your bumper or fender.

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