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Small repairs

Smash repair & Small repairs

Car scratch repair, dent repair and small paint repairs. Max does it quick and cheap.

Car Scratch

Don’t lose your insurance’s no-claim for a small job!bugatti-680336_640

Has your car been damaged, but you do not want to use your insurance? For car scratch repair, let Max fix your problem for you at the most reasonable cost. Max from Mandurah Car Removal will repair car scratches, small paint jobs and dents in no time and as good as new.
Don’t wait another moment, give Max a call and in a couple of days your car is good as new.

No smash repair is too big for Max

Dent repairs and paint repairs - Mandurah Car Removal

Max from Mandurah Car Removal has a large experience in repairing his clients’ cars after they have been in an accident. No damage is too big, Max will make your car look brand new again. So, come over to our workshop and let a local family owned business take care of your car troubles.

Annoyed about that old dent or scratch all the time? Go to Max!

Do you get annoyed because someone scratched or dented it and now you see it every time you take your beautiful car for a spin? At Mandurah car Removal we know how important your car is. We will make your car look brand new again in a matter of hours. So bring in your car and get rid of the annoyance for good.



Get free damage repair advice

Carpaint Scratch repairs by Mandurah Car Removal

Give Max a call to discuss your car’s damage with him and get a free quote for a quick and cheap repair of scratches, dents or other more extensive damage to your car.

Call Max: 0418 905 499 / 08 9582 0437