6 Slade Street, Mandurah
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Local Family Business – Car removal


Local Family business for Car Removal

Mandurah Car Removal is a family business which has been operating in Mandurah since 1974. The business is located in Greenfields (Mandurah), at 6 Slade Street just of Gordon Road. As a local family business we are part of the community and our first priority is delivering a great customer service to our clients. We pride ourselves on offering a hassle free experience.


Why ask a local family business for car removal?

  • Because we deliver a quick and friendly service. When you need a scrap car removed from your backyard or garage, we will be at your place within 24 hours.
  • We are a local business and value our reputation in the community. Tomorrow we might be your customer and hope to receive the same service we deliver to you.
  • We give you good value for money. Unlike others we offer a honest deal and will pay you the value your scrap car still has.

Give us a call and let us help you remove your car from the backyard!


    Call Max: 0418 905 499 / 08 9582 0437